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How can a wellness technology company play it smart? (2022)


Business tasks:

What are the trends in smart devices (using Fitbit data)?

How can they apply to our customers?

How can these trends influence our marketing strategy?

Bellabeat is a high-tech company that manufactures health-focused smart products and develops beautifully designed technology that informs and inspires women around the world. Collecting data on activity, sleep, stress, and reproductive health has allowed Bellabeat to empower women with knowledge about their own health and habits. Since it was founded in 2013, Bellabeat has grown rapidly and quickly positioned itself as a tech-driven wellness company for women. By 2016, Bellabeat had opened offices around the world and launched multiple products. Bellabeat products became available through a growing number of online retailers in addition to their own e-commerce channel on their website. The company has invested in traditional advertising media, such as radio, out-of-home billboards, print, and television, but focuses on digital marketing extensively. Bellabeat invests year-round in Google Search, maintaining active Facebook and Instagram pages, and consistently engages consumers on Twitter. Additionally, Bellabeat runs video ads on Youtube and display ads on the Google Display Network to support campaigns around key marketing dates.

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